Thursday , June 30 2022

Company Profile

Based on the far-sighted vision of our great 4th King of Bhutan, the City Bus Service was born in 1999 managed by the Thimphu City Corporation. Back then there were only 4 Eicher buses. Gradually the numbers increased to 45 buses in Thimphu and the service also got extended to Phuentsholing with 4 buses.The management and operations of City Bus service transferred to Bhutan Post in April 2001 through Government directives (letter No.CCM/03/00/756 dated 7/12/2000). As per two recent Cabinet directives, the City Bus Office’s operation modality is changed to a state-owned enterprise reporting directly to Dasho Thrompon, Thimphu w.e.f. 6th April, 2020. 

Operates with the subsidy from the Government (expenditure minus revenue-gap).


  • People-centric City Bus Service System ( safe, reliable, affordable and comfortable City Bus Service)


  • To provide an efficient, safe, reliable, comfortable and affordable city transport system for all needs including people with disability, elderly citizens, pregnant women and women toddler and recently included monks and nuns.
  • To serve the society at large without any profit motive.
  • To plan, develop and manage City Bus service system that support  quality environment and reduction of GHG emission.